Ready for the funnest sweat sesh you’ll ever have?
Ready for the funnest sweat sesh you’ll ever have?

Hi! I'm Katerina but you can call me Kat for short!

I’m a certified strength and conditioning coach and a mom to two beautiful girls.

Growing up I was always athletic and into sports, playing ringette and hockey for starters. In high school, my interests evolved, and I participated in every sport available to students. Hockey and track and field were my favourite! In retrospect, although sports and athletics were deeply-rooted in me, I never imagined it becoming a full-time passion!

In fact, after attending a fashion show, I truly thought, “This is where I’m meant to be!”. Upon graduating in fashion at Lasalle College, I leapt into the fashion industry, designing, and creating custom-made apparel. At the young age of 21, I married my husband David, and soon after gave birth to our first daughter at 23!
While I was busy raising a young child, David was actively working on and building his company. We both realized that a pause in fashion to raise our daughter, as he worked on his business, was the right thing to do.

After our 2nd daughter was born, David’s business thankfully was growing quickly. We agreed that it was best for me to conclude my fashion career, and joyfully dedicate my time to raising our family.

My motivation kicked in, and I began daily at-home workouts following an online platform. The positive changes in my body awakened the excitement that sports gave me in my youth. The feeling was incredible!

While fashion clearly resided in me, my dreams were eagerly taking me elsewhere.

Fast forward 2 years, and I took my first steps in an actual gym. Seeing how I transformed my body by moving daily and lifting weights was life changing! As motherhood continued to be my most valued triumph, feeling like myself again was breathtaking!
When the pandemic hit in 2020, I seized the moment and successfully completed my strength and conditioning certification. I was eager to share the joy fitness filled me with to a world struggling at home and in quarantine. I gathered all the courage in me and hosted my first Instagram free live work out! It was an instant success! Before I knew it, Kill it with Kat was born!

The demand for personal training was overwhelming, and the gratitude was heartwarming. While managing my time and overbooking days, I realized my desire to help the whole community meant that I needed to create a platform that could motivate and help people from all around the world!

“Kill it with Kat’s platform launched with the goal to create a fitness community like none other. Kill it with Kat allows me to be a fitness trainer, coach and friend to all of you, while celebrating victories together. I look forward to sweating with you all as you work towards becoming the best version of you!” -Katerina 💖

Coffee with Kat

Do you have a question for Kat? Are you curious about an exercise and unsure if you are doing it right? Perhaps you are interested in a live demonstration? Then look no further!

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